Wellbeing Winsford


What is Wellbeing Winsford?

Wellbeing Winsford was established in 2015 and reflected a concern within Winsford regarding the health and wellbeing of the town’s residents and the perception that whilst there was much good work happening within Winsford to improve outcomes this was to great extent uncoordinated. 

Initially, Wellbeing Winsford simply aimed to bring partners together to ensure activities and initiatives were coordinated and duplication of effort was avoided. 

Subsequently Wellbeing Winsford has gone from strength to strength with over 25 partners from the third sector, local authority and health arena now meeting regularly to share information and best practice as well as organising new projects and initiatives. 

Wellbeing Winsford reflects the ambitions of the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan as well as the direction of Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy and their Winsford Whole Place Programme.

Our Vision, Objective & Priorities

The Wellbeing Winsford Vision is

“Providing opportunities for Healthy Living in Winsford”.

Our Objective:-

To co-ordinate and facilitate health and wellbeing activities within Winsford and to share knowledge, resources and experience with the aim of improving the health outcomes of residents of Winsford. 

Our Priorities:-

To continue to work with partners to co-ordinate wellbeing activity in Winsford through the wellbeing ‘hub’.

To work collaboratively with partners to implement initiatives and organise activities within Winsford which focus on improving wellbeing.

To promote activities and opportunities which will support Winsford residents to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing.